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Tattoo work station


“This workstation will be the last one you’ll 
(Markus Lenhard)

The development of our workstation goes back to 2008. Taking the wishes and needs of tattoo artists that travel a lot in consideration, we’ve built a work station which will make your life easier. On the road, at conventions and even at home. It’s plug and ….. tattoo.

You can choose our standard 10mm birch wood with ultra-strong HPL top layer or the super light, but still extremely strong, industrial plastic. The plastic will decrease the weight of the workstation with 40%. All our standard models have standard 2 jack outputs and internal jack plugs for your footswitch and tattoo machine, a build in power socket, one drawer, a pull out handle and build in coaster wheels. You can easily roll the workstation behind you.

The front panel can be customized with your logo or artwork, and can be turned into a table as an extra feature. If you have other wishes, just contact us!

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